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"Walking on grass"

Llanes's coastal paths

Walk without fainting. Walk for pleasure's sake. Llanes is a paradise for those who are fond of walking, those for whom their two legs are more than enough to devour kilometres on earth or grass. As it is also for those who love cycling, seeing that  spaces coexit onmany of the pathways for cyclist ando walkers.

Llanes's coastal paths, wiht a total tour of 36 Km, and are frame in an European project that leds to join the whole Atlantic Coast from the North Cape to Finisterre with pedestrian ways. It is ones of the best forms of crossing and exploring our litoral doing without the car, being obliged visit the buffons in days of brave sea, the natural monument that shapes Gulpiyuri's interior beach, or Ibarrola's buckets in Llanes's Port, between others.

From Llanes towards the west nail as "El Paraje de Malzapato", "La Atalá", "La Punta de Xarri", the meadows of "Los Jorcaos", "Poo" and his islands or hopscotches -hopscotch of "Poo", "St Martín", "Pelau", "Gaiteru" and "Amielles"-, "La Boriza", "Celorio"..., they are walks forced for wayfarers. Perfects to have a rest between de grass, to accede to exuberants beaches, or to walk slowly between the sea and the mountain...

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